To be 100% honest, I dont know how to feel. I look forward, more than I ever have in my life, to sleeping when this is all said and done. But at the same time, I have so many more places I could go from here…

I'm never satisfied, but sleep will be fine for now.

So what's Next

Ask me again later, but here's what I think right now:

There is nothing I would love more for this project than to have it running off of real live data. This is a tool that I would to use.

Motion was something I pictured as I was developing, even in my pencil drawings, but unfortunatley I had neither the time nor programming skills to fully incorporate the 4th dimension aywhere outside of my sketchbook.

Speaking of dimensions, it might also be interesting to somehow work this into a 3-dimensional rendering. That is definitely beyond my skillset as of now, but maybe I'll learn it just for this.

What I learned

Wow, that's a hard heading to write under.

For starters, I have learned SO much about typographic classification. I knew there were a lot of systems out there before I started, but I read about a LOT of different kinds and I feel like there's bound to be some more out there somewhere.

There's also been a lot of insight gained on the topic of organic data information displays. It has been very interesting to learn about information design in the realm of the infinite, or at least extremely vast. This is actually another topic I would like to pick up on next semester when I continue work on the project.

As cheesy as it may sound, I also learned way more than I ever expected about self-motivation and personal responsibility. It's not easy, especially for someone like myself who is so easily distracted by even the most insignificant magazine article or 50s horror movie.

Kinda lame to mention it (I think), but I did also learn a bit more about programming in Flash. There were definitely a few standstills where I didn't have anyone to consult but the help file, but I eventually made it out of alive.

I also learned a TON about sleep deprivation. Read the short essay on the development page for more on that.


I would just like to mention 2 more things:

1) This was the first time, ever, that teachers warned me about the upcoming semester and it was actually as bad as they said it would be. They ALWAYS say, "just wait till next semester, you'll be so stressed", and it's never really that bad. But this semester was. Even worse than they said even.

2) The past week I was the busiest I have ever been in my entire life. And that is true.