Home refreshment
24 bottles
$1 plus deposit
Gigantic Coca-Cola bottles

This page shows a responsive design adaptation of layout specifications from a 1948 Coca-Cola Advertising Manual. It only covers a subset of the layout variations from the original specifications.

Since the range of layout proportions is taller than typical viewport sizes, viewing the full range of variations may require a taller desktop display or the use of a browser’s responsive design mode.

There are a lot of design/coding optimizations that could be employed but aren’t. It’s just a quick proof of concept, focusing mostly on layout, so chill out. If there’s any interest, the code may be posted to GitHub.

The adaptation was made by Nick Sherman based on a copy of the manual at Letterform Archive. The fonts are Alright Sans (including width variations from an in-progress expansion of the family) and Harriet from Okay Type.

Coca Cola Advertising Manual