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Intercut project summary 4 Apr, 2007

Intercut print

Before graduating from MassArt last May I spent a semester (and then some) working on an experimental wood typeface design / production project. The project was recently selected to be featured in a Contemporary Letterpress exhibition, so I figured it would be a good time to put all my process together for others to see.

You can read more than you probably ever would want to right here.

(3 months since my last post… wow. I guess this real-world stuff is cutting into my online presence!)

Last day in the fake world 31 Dec, 2006

As of tomorrow morning, I will officially be a member of this mysterious "real world" thing that all my teachers always warned me about… It's my first official day as a full-time employee of MyFonts (or any other company, for that matter). That means I have health insurance in case anything goes wrong during the New Year's festivities tonight.

The day I signed my contract was pretty funny actually because there was also a presentation that day explaining all my 401(k) benefits. Up until that point I really had no idea what a 401(k) was. I hadn't even started working yet and I was already thinking about retirement. I don't know if that should comfort me or scare me.

Anyhow, I'm psyched to be full-time. There's a bunch of cool stuff I'm working on for MyFonts that I can really get fully into now (hopefully it will be visible soon so I can show you what I do with all my time).

On a related topic, tomorrow is also the first day of 2007. That means it's time for some resolutions. I have two this year:

The first one is that every time I drink a Coke, I have to be toasting to something. I got the idea from an old Russian tradition I heard of where every drink has to be a drink to something. According to this tradition, you're officially an alcoholic when you don't have anything left to toast to.

This is a pretty fun resolution, but I'm hoping it'll also keep me that much more appreciative of the life I have (and maybe a little more conscious of my Coca-Cola intake levels).

My second resolution is a little more serious. The general gist of it is to stop hoarding all kinds of things that I don't need (my packrat tendencies are beginning to become crippling), but I'm going to apply it more specifically to my consumption of food (especially at restaurants). As it is now, every time I dine out, I eat until I'm satisfied, but then there's always still tons of food left over. So I end up cramming myself full of food just for the sake of having a clean plate. I'm over it!

From now on, I'm going to eat until I'm happy, and if there's food leftover, whatever. I'll either take it home or just simply not eat it. Me cramming myself for the sake of not wasting food isn't going to help any hungry person somewhere else in the world. I'd rather waste food than cram it down my throat unnecessarily.

In developing this resolution, I've thought a lot about American consumption… the ridiculous portions of food you get, how people say "good job" when you finish all the food on your plate, etc, etc. I won't go into all that now though.

So anyway, next time you see me ask how the real world is going; maybe we can toast a Coke to it over a comfortably filling meal!

Slow Time 27 Dec, 2006

In Florida, there's time to notice things like this.


Happy Holidays / Sherman sprawl 27 Dec, 2006

Florida beach feet

I just got back from a roadtrip / Christmas vacation to Florida. It was nice.

I realized that I haven't been posting here too often lately, but this is not because I have not been productive. The truth is that I have actually been quite busy at my job at MyFonts, but much of what I'm working on is still in development (ie, top secret).

I also realized recently at MassArt's Design degree project show, that more people check my site than I ever would have imagined. I keep running into people who are like "Yeah, I look at your site all the time!". It's really nice.

This realization has got me thinking a bit about my general presence online lately—I call it Sherman sprawl: on this site, on the MyFonts blog, on my Flickr page, on the Orchard site, on MySpace, on the MIT OpenStudio site… and it's only going to get worse (my pizza review site will be launching hopefully within a month).

Maybe I need to get off the computer more often. Or at least stop leaving so many traces.

Rejoice! More cat photos! 22 Nov, 2006

Frances in repose

In case you haven't seen it already, I've actually been making use of my Flickr account recently. Having a decent camera built in to my phone has me taking a lot of photos that don't quite neccesitate a post on this page (which I try to reserve for newsworthy projects and the like). So the Flickr thing works perfectly. Note that I did included a sidebar on this page though, with some thumbnails of the most recent Flickr stuff.

For those of you who don't yet have a Flickr account, I recommend getting one. It's free. If you do get an account let me know and I will give you access to view all my non-public photos.

Voodoo After-mass 31 Oct, 2006

Meatland Halloween Voodoo Mass Altar

Happy Haloween! The Meatland Halloween Voodoo Mass party was amazing… maybe the best party we've had yet. I'm not going to explain all the awesome costumes or antics that took place, but I will say that when the cops showed up around 1:30am, they couldn't see more than maybe 3 feet—max—into the apartment because the fog machine was going so heavy. Luckily for me, they just asked everyone to leave, then went outside and told everyone to go back in. They didn't really even seem to care that we had plastic bags taped over the smoke detectors (to prevent them from being set off by the fog machine), or the fact that Slayer was playing at max volume and there were 1½ naked people lurking around.

Not sure how I can even try to top this party…

Righteous Jams shirts 25 Oct, 2006

Righteous Jams hammer t-shirtRighteous Jams nightmare t-shirt

I just recently designed these shirts for Righteous Jams. I think they're having some other color variations I designed printed up for their European tour too.

Halloween Voodoo Mass! 15 Oct, 2006

Halloween Voodoo Mass!

Type from the Crypt 13 Oct, 2006

Type from the Crypt

Has it really been a month since I last posted something here? I guess it has.

Anyhow, I just wrote a short article on the MyFonts blog about the lettering in the 1950s Tales From The Crypt comics books. I figured it was appropriate to post a link here.

In other news, I just got a new phone / camera. I paid for it with money from the replacement plan on my older, now-departed camera (see entry from 17 July).

I've also started my reviewing of various pizza places around Boston for a pizza review website I've wanted to start since I was in high school. Keep an eye out for the official launch of that.

Being out of school is awesome. All I really wanted after graduation was to be able to pay my rent and have enough money for food and other bills. I have achieved this, which is all I really need.

Orchard ad 14 Sep, 2006

Ad for Orchard Skateshop

This week's issue of the Weekly Dig includes an ad I did for Orchard. It's always fun to see something you designed get mass-produced, even if it's on low quality newsprint.

Checker board 26 Aug, 2006

griptape checkers

My new grip job: 136 individual squares of griptape, cut and placed by hand.

Thanks to Craig for helping me peel the 136 adhesive backings.

You win some, you lose some 22 Aug, 2006

fallen bumper

At least my art show was well-attended:
entrance to the art show at Orchard Skateshop

MyFonts materials TypeCon 2006 15 Aug, 2006

MyFonts buttons for TypeCon 2006

MyFonts tablecloth for TypeCon 2006

For TypeCon this year, I was placed in charge of designing and producing several things for MyFonts, including the buttons and tablecloth pictured above, as well as some advertising, etc.

I was originally going to undertake the production of my button designs myself, using my own button press, but after learning that MyFonts wanted 1200 buttons, I decided to hire someone else. I did, however, do the silkscreening and minimal hemming for the tablecloth.

The tablecloth was fun because we used it for an informal kind of a contest where people would guess what font each letter was set in. The big clue was that the first letter of each font name was the same as the letter it was setting; ie, “C” is for “Clarendon”.

For more insight into my thoughts on TypeCon, see my post on the MyFonts blog.

Diploma 5 Aug, 2006


Got this in the mail today.

I actually smeared the ink on and did the printing of the red, yellow, and blue squares myself… I guess that's one of the perks of hanging out in the same letterpress lab where your diploma is printed.

MassArt letterpress show 30 Jul, 2006

For the Love of Letters: 30 Years of Letterpress Printing at MassArt

Poster designed and printed by Justin Gonyea and myself.

More info on the show at the new MassArt Press site.

MyFonts blog 26 Jul, 2006

The employees of MyFonts (which includes me) just started a new blog to discuss whatever we want, MyFonts related or not. My first entry went up the other day. It's a lengthy entry entitled Let them eat Comic Sans: Typographic aristocracy & democratization.

Note (from the About page):

MyFonts Musings is a blog maintained by the employees of, Inc. It is blessed by the MyFonts corporation, but the views and opinions expressed by MyFonts Musings posters don’t constitute official MyFonts policy, etc., etc.

Other people's phones 26 Jul, 2006

Little black kid getting a haircut

My new replacement phone arrived today, so I can again receive calls and text messages, etc.

This is the photo the previous owner left as a background image for me. I might keep it for a while.


Pool-scum 17 Jul, 2006

Billy Campbell with pool-scum

While on Cape Cod this weekend, my friends and I decided to empty the residual rain water and miscellaneous algæ-scum from an abandoned swimming pool, so as to enable our skateboarding therein. So, after a reconnaisance mission, I borrowed a sump pump from my supportive Dad and we ventured on a late-night pool-draining expedition.

As I was lowering the pump into that black abyss, trying to place it in the deepest area possible, I slipped.

If I were to retell this narrative in movie form, this would be where I would edit in a flashback sequence of me thinking to myself, only twenty seconds prior, “will I slip on this incline? ... nah.”

In the about 2.5 seconds that I slid towards those murky depths, this is the succession of things that went through my head:

  1. Shit, I'm totally slipping.
  2. My shoes are definitely gonna get wet.
  3. Maybe I can stop myself before the bottoms of my pants get wet.
  4. Maybe I can stop myself before my shirt gets wet.
  5. Please don't let any of that sludge touch my lips.
  6. This oversized pool of stagnation is way deeper than it looks.
  7. Oh well, I'm wet and there's nothing I can do about it; at least now it will be easy to put the pump in the deepest spot.
  8. F*ck, my phone is in my pocket.
  9. F*ck, my digital camera is in my other pocket.
  10. How the hell am I going to climb back up this slippery slope?

I've had more glorious moments.

Thankfully, every cloud has a silver lining: Even though I was nipple deep in filth, I wasn't devoured by Grendel or any of the other various creatures living within. The pool was empty and cleaned of muck by the next afternoon, when a carload of our Bostonian comrades (Nydam even made an appearance!) met up with us and the resident Cape Cod shredders. Together we had one of the funnest skate sessions I've taken part of in quite some time, uninterrupted by police or angry property owners.

The succeeding pool rash I aquired from falling off my skateboard and on to my freshly sunburnt skin only reminds me that I'm still young, alive, and happily doing stupid things.

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